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A great way to introduce your body to the benefits of Pilates or an ideal class for those who are injured. Learn to use your core abdominal and stabilising muscles to improve your strength, posture and movement.


A higher level class for those without injuries. Requires a good level of experience and fitness. A great progression for those experienced in Pilates and ready to move to a higher level of strength, control and balance.


The ultimate in body strengthening, lengthening, toning and body awareness for those experienced devotees.

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Roll and Release

This one hour long class  utilizes foam rollers and spikey balls to rehydrate and stabilize your muscles with very defined movements. It'll help your body to move more accurate and efficient by tapping into the neurological mechanism, not just the muscle itself. Ideal for anyone who experiences movement restrictions  in their body, especially beneficial for sports people, runners, exercise enthusiasts and those who spend too much time sitting at the desk or in the car!
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Specifically for pregnant and/or new mums to prepare the body for birth, target the pelvic and abdominal muscles, and to rebuild posture and endurance after birth. You are welcome to bring babies. See timetable!!


Brand new PILATES 50+ class is gentle but effective Pilates Workout designed around the concerns of our senior customers. Pilates is the perfect exercise system for pelvic floor weakness, osteoporosis, joint pain, arthritis, circulation problems, hip replacement, back ache, tight muscles, postural abnormalities, post surgery. This 45 minute mat class delivers a full body workout that strengthens the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine (the “midsection”), improves posture, increases flexibility and develops better balance. Add more life to your years with this specialized Pilates mat class!!
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Reformer Pilates (Levels)

Level 1

Great class for “first-timers” that would like to get a feel for Reformer Pilates. The class will focus on basic Pilates exercise, teaching you how to engage your core muscles. These sessions are ideal for those relatively new to Pilates but would like to experience something new.

Level 2

A mixed workout of Reformer Pilates and other Pilates Apparatus. This class is suitable for intermediate patients and combines different elements and equipment to provide an overall Pilates workout.

Level 3

This session offers a solid high intensity workout suitable for those more advanced at Reformer Pilates. This class is designed to really challenge and improve your core.

Given that we live and breathe Pilates, we have lots of times to choose from so it’s easier for you to find a time to fit in a class. In addition to the group classes at Soul Pilates, we also run Studio Pilates appointments which can be booked to suit you, just contact us to arrange.

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