She has been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years and is passionate about Pilates. Karolina is a STOTT PILATES fully Certified Instructor Trainer and holds a certification in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel and Chair. She believes in the importance of educating her clients about alignment, muscle recruitment and corrective movement so they can benefit positively, and permanently.

Karolina's energetic, engaging and direct approach infuses her classes with enthusiasm. Being a sport enthusiast herself, having completed two Dublin marathons and a number of triathlons, Pilates therefore has allowed her to continue competing while staying injury free. She has inspired her existing clients into making a difference in their lives by creating a positive influence through positive conscious movement. “Movement heals” because it does!

Soul Pilates was established in 2013 and specializes in Pilates mat, Pilates reformer and private 1-2-1 sessions.

Karolina also qualified as a Holistic Dietetics and Nutritionist by the Irish Health Culture Association. Her knowledge of food chemistry assists her to provide her customers with a complete health package including proper diets empowering her clients to live their lives in a fit and healthy manner.

In 2019 Karolina has completed a professionally accredited Personal and Executive Coaching certification with the Positive Success Group in Dublin. Her goal is to offer a holistic approach in addition to the physical training promoting wellness and clarity of mind as a balance for leisure, work, health and spiritual well being.


Karolina Misztal

About Karolina Misztal - founder of SoulPilates in Ireland. Karolina is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor from the Progressive Pilates Academy and STOTT Pilates and has experience in working with people with injuries and Special Populations.


"Absolutely loving Pilates with Karolina. Within 4 or 5 classes I could already see a noticeable difference in my core area and really began to build some strength overall. And about Karolina's, well her instructions are both easy and very enjoyable, with small numbers in the class it's almost feels like a personal training session and it's quicker to learn technique. Reformer Pilates, for me, is probably the most effective class I've ever done & I have pretty much tried everything!"

Lorraine D

"After three cesaeraen sections, my children used to tease me about having a wobbly tummy. Pilates with Karolina has helped me to reconnect with my abdominal muscles hidden deep within.  I am probably doing pilates with Karolina for about four years and my flexability has improved enormously and the wobble is long gone. It is gentle, but tough and you feel the results within weeks. As well as toning my abdominal muscles, my posture has improved and I will certainly never need a hip replacement if I keep it up. I attend a mixed level class and Karolina is able to challenge each of us at our level, talking us through the exercise and while we may be gritting our teeth at times, she is always smiling." 

Noreen H

"After getting bored with the same workouts in the gym I decided too look for something different and decided to try Pilates. It took a little getting used to, using different muscles in different ways and sometimes being the only man in the class! After a few weeks I could really feel the difference. My back and posture felt stronger and my other main activities cycling and running seemed easier, I really could feel the benefit of a stronger core. I moved on from one mat class a week to one mat class and one reformer class per week. This really helped moving my fitness to a different level,

All of this would not have been possible with out Soul Pilates and Karolina. While it easy to start new activity, sticking with it is tougher. Karolina has been really supported, always encouraging and changing things up to keep it interesting and make it a little tougher each time. I look forward to every session."


Michael K

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