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Summer Positivity Challenge


Hello my friends,

Hope you are well and healthy. First of all I wanted to thank everyone who gave the Virtual Pilates classes a try and showed up on my laptop screen during the lockdown. It is extremely energising for me seeing you improving and getting stronger week by week. I hope you had as much fun as I had testing various house hold tools to make your Pilates classes as interesting as I could! Were there any unexpected items flying down on the floor after using the broomstick???! ;-0

As the summer is in the full swing now we are taking a short break from the online classes until September, but I had something in exchange prepared for you.

This four week Positivity and Self Care 28 day Challenge is designed for you.

Taking time for yourself and listening to your body and soul is crucial to your well being. Here are 28 things to do while we are taking a short break from the screen. I hope those practices will help you to cultivate a healthy mindset and keep your body pain free.

Wishing you a great summer,








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