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Dried fruits and nuts – the healthy combo

Fruit and nuts in bowl

This simple but so healthy combo of dried fruits and nuts quickly became such a hit in our house. This is my ultimate and favourite pre dinner snack. When you are craving something sweet and savory, and maybe those chocolate-covered biscuits might satisfy your taste buds, you want to make sure you eat something with a little more nutritional value. We all know those days when we have a strong desire to nibble on something here and there. This healthy snack on hand will help you to reduce craving for naughty food and still keep you satisfied. One of the best options are dried fruits and nuts. This healthy combo snack is full of protein, fiber and healthy fats. However, dried fruit and nuts are a concentrated source of calories, so keep your portions under control to help with weight management.

We all can admit that we love to enjoy a piece or two of a good quality milk or dark chocolate. It is my guilty pleasure too! Having this delicious fruit and nuts mixture ready to nibble on makes me feel less guilty when I want to satisfy my sugar cravings.

This combo snack is so easy to make that you actually don’t need a recipe. You can simply create your own mixture using any of your favourite nuts and dried fruit. Here is my favourite combo. Bon appetite!

Healthy combo:

6 dates

6 apricots

4 dried pieces of mango

1tbs of red skin peanuts (no salt or oil added)

1tbs of goji berries

1tbs of cacao nibs (my new discovery…delicious)

6 brazil nuts

6 pecan nuts

Mix seeds and dried fruit together in a bowl and eat the same day.

Nutritional value:

  • Nuts contain healthy fats, when used to replace saturated and trans fat, might help lower your blood cholesterol level and lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Fiber found in the dried fruit and nuts can satisfy your hunger and make you feel fuller.
  • Dried fruit and nuts are a good source of protein, can substitute for protein, such as those found in meats, eggs and dairy products.






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